Collaborative Divorce

Law Office of Sonia M. Frontera - Collaborative Divorce

Couples do not get married with the intention to divorce. However, divorce is a harsh reality for many couples. Divorce is not about getting even–it’s about getting on with your life and starting over with a clean slate. Collaborative divorce gives divorcing couples control over the divorce process and the freedom to end their marriages without the conflict typical of traditional litigation.

Collaborative divorce is different. Each party selects a collaboratively-trained attorney to represent them, and agree in advance to resolve their differences amicably. The parties settle the case first and go to court later to formalize their dissolution.

This process involves a team of professionals to help the parties create solutions that work best for their particular situations. A divorce coach helps couples deal with their emotions and minimize conflict, so they can stay on track and focus on solving their problems. Where children are involved, the divorce coach and/or another child expert can help couples make parenting and custody decisions that are in the children’s best interests and reduce the impact of their parents’ separation. A financial advisor can also be engaged to help the parties evaluate their financial situation, and make the best use of their resources as they transition into two separate households. Collaborative divorce can also be less expensive, since the parties control the process, and share the cost of the neutral professionals who guide them.

Sonia Frontera is a collaboratively-trained attorney and can help you or a loved one divorce with dignity and respect. Contact us to schedule a consultation to find out if collaborative divorce is right for you.