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At the Law Office of Sonia M. Frontera, we care about our clients and their families. We understand that divorce and immigration to the United States can be two of the most stressful situations in people’s lives. The outcome of these processes can have a significant impact on their future. Therefore, it is our mission to provide compassionate legal support at these difficult times. We believe in a team approach, and work closely with our clients, encouraging them to participate in their cases to find solutions that advance their best interests.

We practice exclusively collaborative divorce, because we believe that it is a gentler legal model that focuses on cooperation and minimizes discord. The collaborative divorce process gives parties control over their divorce, incorporates emotional support to the couples and their families, and includes financial guidance to help them maximize their financial position to manage two separate households with the resources that used to support just one. Collaborative divorce reduces the acrimony inherent in litigation, giving couples a better chance to transition from the end of their marriage to a new life.

The Law Office of Sonia Frontera also provides family-based immigration services. We assist individuals and families navigate the maze of the immigration process. Our goal is to help families stay together and realize the American dream.

It would be our pleasure to assist you with your legal needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.